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Remove carbon. Invest in nature. Create positive social impact.

1MTN is a high-quality nature-based carbon removal project developer in Africa. We are on a mission to restore 1 million hectares of degraded land by 2030. We are planting polyculture native bamboo with an emphasis on biodiversity management. Our projects create thousands of jobs and a sustainable future for local communities. Join us on our mission.

1MTN is combating climate change by developing high-value, high-quality, nature-based and tech-powered carbon removal projects
in Africa.

We remove carbon pollution from the atmosphere by restoring degraded lands and planting bamboo. 

We create thousands of jobs and improve livelihoods in Africa. 

We are guided by SDGs and ESG. 

We are creating shared value and meaningful impact.


Carbon Credits (CDR)

1MTN goal is to deliver high-value and nature-based carbon credits from Africa. Our carbon removal projects will make a significant contribution to the environment through the protection and restoration of natural habitats.


1MTN aims to empower local landowners to participate in the voluntary carbon market through a partnership-oriented funding model for project development and a reliable sales channel for monetizing carbon credits. By providing these resources, we hope to facilitate the growth and success of sustainable, nature-based projects in Africa.

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