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1MTN experience trip and East Africa Carbon Markets Forum in May 2024

Join Us for an Unforgettable Week in May!

You are warmly invited to join us for an incredible experience in Uganda, where we will visit our first 400-hectare project site in Nwoya, Northern Uganda. In September 2023, we successfully planted our first 150,000 polyculture native and naturalised bamboo seedlings as part of our 10,000-hectare project on that site. Learn more about the project via the video.


Additionally, we are happy to welcome you to the first-ever two-day East Africa Carbon Markets Event. See the agenda below, and see you in Kampala! 

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Save the dates and register to join us!

05-06.05 Trip to the Project Site in the North

At 6.00 am on the morning of the 5th, we set off to visit our project site in Nwoya. In the evening, we reach Gulu, the nearest town to the site, where we stay overnight at Bomah Hotel. The following day, we kick off early for Murchison Falls, home to the world's mightiest waterfall where the Nile flows through an 8-meter-wide gorge. In addition to visiting the fall, there is an option to go on a safari in the national park and enjoy lunch. Returning to Kampala by evening.

07.05 Tennis Tournament in Kampala

On the 7th of May, seize the opportunity to participate in 1MTN's charity tennis tournament in Kampala. This fun-filled day supports local initiatives, with the tournament winner directing a donation to one of the designated projects. Alternatively, enjoy a leisurely day exploring Kampala.

08.05 Visit to Bamboo Uganda Nursery in Jinja

We head out early in the morning to visit Bamboo Uganda Nursery to learn more about the lifecycle of bamboo, its various species and its environmental and commercial benefits. We'll return to Kampala by evening, ready for the forum.

09-10.05 East African Carbon Markets Forum

The East Africa Carbon Markets Forum, organised by 1MTN in partnership with Ugandan Investment Authority, Seagrass, Verra and other partners will take place on May 9th and 10th. The event brings together industry leaders, policymakers, investors, and carbon market professionals for two days to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, and actionable discussions. It is an extraordinary opportunity to gain first-hand insights into the developments of carbon markets and network with the key governmental authorities, financiers, technology providers and project developers in the region. The theme for the first day is Understanding Carbon Markets Regulations and Implications, and the theme for the second day is Climate Finance in East Africa and Showcase of Investment Opportunities. 

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Practical Information: Please note that in addition to travel and accommodation costs to Uganda, the approximate expenses related to the experience trip agenda are as follows: $375 for a three-day car rental with a driver (max 3 people per car), $175 for the safari and access to the Murchison Falls, $60 for an overnight stay in Gulu, and $100 for entry fee to a charity tennis tournament.

Register by April 10th to join us on the experience trip and at the East Africa Carbon Markets Forum!

Furthermore, we encourage you to take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting nature and vibrant culture of Uganda at your own pace, either before or after the experience trip to the North. We are more than happy to provide guidance and suggestions to make your journey even more memorable. We look forward to your presence at this enriching and insightful experience in Uganda!

For further details, kindly reach out to Kalli at


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