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The founder of 1MTN Group is the first ambassador of Nairobi at Top Tier Impact

Anete Garoza, the Founder & Director of Carbon Credit Certification of 1MTN Group, is the ambassador of Nairobi - the forefront of tech and economic transformation - at Top Tier Impact.

Anete Garoza, 1MTN Group

"From our perspective, East Africa is a key part of the global sustainability transition that is currently taking place. At Top Tier Impact, we think this transition is also about much more than just the narrow definition of sustainability - it's about inclusivity, the adaptation of infrastructure, diversity," said Alessa Berg, CEO & founder at Top Tier Impact (TTI). Berg added that it's not just about investments but also connecting Africa-based Top Tier Impact members and other leaders worldwide. "Anete Garoza is a TTI member who came to us with so much initiative and passion about bringing the value of TTI into East Africa. She has the perfect experience and attitude to be a leader in the impact movement and to represent us, so we are very excited about having her as our TTI ambassador on the ground," she said.

Anete Garoza commented that 1MTN Group and TTI share similar values: " It's all about the meaningful impact and investment to the environment, people, and a sustainable future." TTI network creates significant value in bringing like-minded people together and bridging different countries, added Garoza.

Top Tier Impact is a global community of impact investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all areas of impact technologies, climate, sustainability, and innovation.

1MTN Group is combating climate change by developing high-quality carbon removal credits by planting bamboo, bridging Africa and carbon markets and positively impacting local communities and stakeholders' environments and livelihoods.


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