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About 1MTN

We are developing social impact and nature-positive projects in Africa.

We at 1MTN are a team with global experience in the environment, forestry, climate legislation, carbon markets, ESG, and capital markets, but most importantly – we deeply care about a sustainable future, nature, people and what kind of impact we are creating.

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1MTN Uganda

We are on a mission to restore at least 1 million hectares of degraded land in Africa by 2030 and are developing high-value, high-quality, nature-based and tech-powered carbon removal projects.

During this operations phase, we concentrate on idle and degraded lands in East Africa. The land should not have had forest cover for at least ten years. On suitable lands, we plant one of the best carbon sequestration plants on earth – bamboo – and plant only native or naturalized species to maintain the natural habitat.

By restoring degraded lands and planting bamboo, we are investing in nature and combating climate change, creating thousands of jobs in Africa and improving the livelihoods of local communities. All our actions are guided by ESG, creating shared value and SDGs. We directly contribute to eight SDGs, including goals 1, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 15 and donate a proportion of the revenue to the Foundation. The Foundation provides access to clean water, solar energy, primary education, sustainable agriculture practices and security for crops and villagers.

Get in touch and act now to:

Combat climate change

Offset carbon emissions

Support sustainable development in Africa

Improve livelihoods of local communities

Purchase high-value, nature-based and tech-powered carbon credits (CDR)

Invest in high-integrity carbon removal projects

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