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For Landowners

If you are a landowner in Africa interested in restoring idle or degraded lands and joining our carbon projects, fill out the application and our team will contact you.

For Carbon Credit Buyers

Take action to combat climate change and support sustainable development in Africa by purchasing high-value, nature-based and tech-powered carbon credits (CDR) from us.

For Community Members

We welcome your valuable insights and apprehensions regarding our projects. We encourage you to share your thoughts to enhance the quality of our initiatives and ensure we are positively contributing to communities.

All other inquiries can be sent to We'll get back to you within three business days.

Want to meet?

1MTN is a global company with a presence in both the EU and Africa. Our headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia, and we have a subsidiary in Kampala, Uganda.

We are active participants in various industry events across these regions and are committed to staying connected with our clients and partners.

If you would like to learn more about our work or connect with us, we encourage you to visit us at one of these events or reach out to us at our Tallinn or Kampala offices.

1MTN team
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