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Our Values

Act now. It is essential to take immediate action to address our planet's challenges, including climate change and environmental degradation. We are committed to significant and meaningful activities that positively impact people and nature. There is no time to waste. Act now, impact now!

Curiousity. We are always curious to learn new things and take our business and actions towards mitigating climate change to the next level. A healthy curiosity helps everyone grow and thrive toward a sustainable future.

High-quality. Every action we take should be high-quality - projects we develop, relationships we
create, promises we deliver.

Meaningful impact. There should be a meaningful impact on everything we do. We invest in the environment, people and a sustainable future. We inspire, educate and contribute to local communities and their livelihood in Africa.

Reliability. We believe in living up to our values and commitments. We are dedicated to "walking the talk" and demonstrating our dedication to honesty and integrity through our actions and behaviour.

Sustainability. As an organization, we are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business, from our operations and processes to our mindset and approach to nature.

Transparency. We are committed to transparency in our business model and communication. Transparency is essential for building trust and fostering collaboration.

Trust. Trust is central to everything we do at 1MTN. We strive to develop trust within our team and with our clients and partners and believe that trust is the foundation of any successful collaboration or relationship.

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