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Impact & Foundation

Our goal is to improve livelihoods of at least 110 community groups, affecting nearly 30,000 households to become self-sustainable.

Our goal is to restore 1 million hectares of degraded land by 2030 and helping a large number of households to become self-sufficient.

It is all about meaningful impact and investment in the environment, people, and a sustainable future. 1MTN has a clear and vested interest in developing and scaling up sustainable business solutions, using the SDGs as a lens to address significant challenges within the local communities. Therefore we founded, in addition, the Foundation, which receives % from 1MTN revenue to support communities within or close to our project boundaries to become self-sustainable after one year.

Through the Foundation, we provide access to clean water, solar energy, primary education, and sustainable agriculture practices, as well as security for crops and villagers. 

We are directly contributing to 8 SDGs:


Develop sustainable agriculture practises

Access to solar energy

Access to clean water

Access to primary education

Gain security for crops and villagers

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