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Impact & Foundation

 We need not only carbon neutral, but also nature and community positive solutions.

Our goal is to create a sustainable societal impact beyond carbon removal. We are empowering a large number of households to become self-sufficient and prioritise biodiversity enrichment in our projects.

1MTN is dedicated to achieving sustainable development goals through positive impacts on local livelihoods. Our high-quality nature-based carbon removal projects greatly reduce emissions and create jobs while enriching biodiversity in local communities. We believe in widely sharing socio-economic benefits for sustainable development and take pride in being a responsible stakeholder. Bamboo's regenerative properties profoundly impact society and the economy, providing sustainable employment opportunities from planting to biomass utilisation.

We take pride in collaborating with local communities and research centres and have a comprehensive biodiversity management strategy in place to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management by integrating various ecological approaches. An example of this is intercropping and our sustainable food garden project to provide sustenance for workers and local communities.

In addition, we have founded the Foundation, which receives % from 1MTN revenue to support communities within or close to our project boundaries to become self-sustainable after one year. Through the Foundation, we provide access to clean water, solar energy, primary education, sustainable agriculture practices, and security for crops and villagers. 

We are directly contributing to 8 SDGs:


Develop sustainable agriculture practises

Access to solar energy

Access to clean water

Access to primary education

Gain security for crops and villagers

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