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What is carbon removal?

Carbon removal or Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR): physically removing existing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it. This happens in nature (such as forests, soils and oceans) but it can also be achieved by technological solutions e.g. Direct Air Capture. Carbon removal or CDR is sometimes referred to as carbon drawdown.

How do you manage operational risks in Africa?

We've built a team with extensive experience, skills and knowledge. In addition, our founders visit local operations in Africa regularly.

Why bamboo?

There are so many reasons to invest in bamboo. First, it is environmentally sustainable: planting bamboo on degraded or idle land helps restore the ecological balance and conserves biodiversity. It's also an effective way to combat deforestation and desertification. There are at least ten more reasons why to choose bamboo. Learn about bamboo here.

Why did you choose Uganda?

Uganda is ideal for tree planting due to its moderate temperatures and abundant rainfall. The country's warm climate and minimal temperature fluctuations provide a favourable environment for the growth and survival of trees. In addition, Uganda has a relatively low forest cover, which presents opportunities for the expansion of tree plantations and the generation of nature-based carbon credits. At 1MTN, we are committed to aligning our activities with Uganda's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) goals under the Paris Agreement. Our projects in Uganda aim to mitigate carbon emissions, enhance biodiversity, and support the well-being of local communities and stakeholders.

How are you monitoring the project?

We have a local operational team and advanced technologies. Our technologies include, in addition, real-time satellite data to monitor and model carbon removal, allowing us to generate credits that meet the highest standards of accuracy and sustainability.

Do you promote monoculture with the bamboo plantation?

Definitely not. Bamboo has various advantages, but we are already scaling to plant other cultures in the future, such as pine, coffee and eucalypt.

Is bamboo native in Uganda?

Yes, bamboo species Oxytenanthera Abyssinica and Oldeania Alpina are native, Bambusa Vulgaris is also considered as naturalized. However, other species cannot be considered natural.

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