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Our Story

Anete Garoza, a climate lawyer who has advised large companies on compliance carbon markets and ESG for many years, and comes from a family with long-term experience in the forest industry, decided that to mitigate climate change is necessary to implement more effective tools, creating faster results and simultaneously restoring nature and creating a sustainable future for local communities.

Experienced investor, impact entrepreneur and capital market expert Kristjan Raude, who has years of experience on the African continent from various countries, came to the same conclusion.

And as Anete and Kristjan were working on another project together, they discovered they shared the same values and passion towards acting now, and 1MT Nation was born - the project developer of high-quality, nature-based carbon dioxide removal with a strong positive social impact - a company bridging Africa and carbon markets.

Anete Garoza_ Kristjan Raude.jpg

1MT Nation or 1 Million Tonne Nation means that each project must remove at least one million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere. Nation symbolizes
people with the same values and the communities positively affected by each specific project.

1MT Nation is on a mission to restore 1 million hectares of degraded lands by 2030 in Africa by planting polyculture native bamboo, removing carbon dioxide pollution from the
atmosphere and creating a sustainable future for local communities.

The logo of 1MTN symbolizes bridging different countries, markets and people and delivering meaningful impact in every action. Visually the logo also delicately implies the
elephant trunk – extremely smart and the largest land animal on earth loving bamboo as much as 1MT Nation does.

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