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Restore nature and earn money. Fair pay for fair actions.

1MTN is a high-quality nature-based carbon removal project developer in Africa on a mission to restore 1 million hectares of degraded land by 2030 by planting polyculture native bamboo. Our projects create thousands of jobs, a sustainable future for local communities and extra income for landowners. Join us on our mission. Act now.

Financial benefits

Carbon removal projects generate financial returns for landowners through carbon credits. 1MTN purchases carbon credits from landowners at a prescribed price, providing a steady income stream.

Social benefits

Local communities benefit from carbon removal projects socially and economically through job creation and support for sustainable development. 1MTN works closely with operators, landowners and other stakeholders by contributing 10% of the total carbon credit revenue back to the local communities.

Environmental benefits

Carbon removal projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. Landowners can proactively address this challenge and contribute to the positive transition by participating in a carbon removal project.

Expertise and support

1MTN team is experienced in carbon removal projects development providing guidance, support and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle to ensure it succeeds and meets necessary standards and requirements.

At 1MTN, we offer 2 financing models for carbon projects in Africa: ​

1. Leasehold

2. Freehold

1MTN is interested in leasing lands in Kenya and Uganda. Landowners earn from the leasehold fee or carbon offset and biomass sales.


To qualify for a project, the land must have been deforested for the last 10 years and have digitally presentable
coordinates. Landowners must have legal rights to use the land for the next 30 years. Our carbon projects are
designed to run for a minimum of 30 years and generate carbon credits (carbon dioxide removal).


Uganda is
a great place
to start

Uganda is ideal for bamboo planting due to its moderate temperatures and abundant rainfall. The country's warm climate and minimal temperature fluctuations provide a favourable environment for the growth and survival of trees.

As an experienced organization with a strong network of personal connections in Uganda, including partnerships with private and public sector sources, 1MTN is well-positioned to support the development of sustainable forestry and agriculture projects in the region.

Additionally, Uganda has a relatively low forest cover, which presents opportunities for the expansion of tree plantations and the generation of nature-based carbon credits.

At 1MTN, we are committed to aligning our activities with the goals of the Uganda Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. Our projects in Uganda aim to mitigate carbon emissions, enhance biodiversity, and support the well-being of local communities and stakeholders. 

For Landowners

If you are a landowner in Africa interested in restoring idle or degraded lands and joining our carbon projects, fill out the application and our team will contact you.

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