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Our Team

Team 1MTN Group

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Anete Garoza

Co-Founder & Chief Climate Officer
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Kaspar Jõgeva

Chief Operating Officer
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Team 1MTN Uganda

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Dativa Nabimanya

Director of Finance & Administration, 1MTN Uganda

Dativa is an accomplished financial management expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. She is the founder of the highly respected accounting and audit firm "Dativa & Associates" and has served as a consultant to the World Bank. Dativa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to 1MTN, and her insights and guidance are invaluable in helping us to achieve financial stability and success.

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Thaddeus Businge

Director of Operations, 1MTN Uganda

Thaddeus is a seasoned expert in commercial forestry, with over 15 years of experience in the field. He has an in-depth knowledge of the forestry industry in Uganda and is highly skilled in the planning and implementation of forestry projects. Thaddeus's expertise is a valuable asset to 1MTN, and his insights and guidance are integral to the success and impact of our projects in the region.

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Alistair Amendi

Director of Operations & Research, 1MTN Uganda

Alistair is an experienced forester with over 10 years of technical and management experience in restoration work and a bamboo expert. He holds a B.S. in Forestry and is currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Tropical Forest Biology and Silviculture at the University of Eldoret. Has worked on several projects in Kenya, including the restoration of the Mara catchment areas and the Loita forest, and has over 5 years of experience in the bamboo value chain.

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Advisory Board

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Kai Michael WindHorst

Project design and Verra certification

Kai is a highly qualified Natural Resource Manager with a Master's degree in Forest Management from Freiburg University in Germany. He has a diverse range of professional experience in fields such as agriculture, forestry, agroforestry, and environmental management. Kai's expertise and insights are valuable assets to 1MTN, and his contributions are critical to the success and impact of our projects in Africa and beyond.

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Anthony Mulindwa

Banking and sustainable finance specialist

Before embarking on his doctoral studies, Anthony had a successful career in banking, spanning 25 years. He served as Chief Executive of Uganda's Banking Institute and held various leadership roles in retail and corporate banking, most notably at Standard (Stanbic) Bank's Corporate & Investment Banking Division in Uganda. Anthony's extensive background in banking and finance is a valuable asset to 1MTN and helps to inform our strategic planning and decision-making.

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Kaupo Voormansik

Remote sensing data and monitoring tool, GHG calculations

Kaupo is a co-founder of KappaZeta and a researcher at the University of Tartu. He is an accomplished author and researcher in the fields of space technology and Earth Observation, with several well-cited papers and more than 750 total citations to his credit. Kaupo has held a variety of leadership positions in these fields, including head of the Remote Sensing department at the Tartu Observatory, head of the radar remote sensing research group, and systems engineer of the first Estonian satellite, ESTCube-1.

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