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Photo Gallery: Top Tier Impact Event in Kampala

On the 26th of April, we hosted the first Top Tier Impact event in Kampala at The Villa, which brought together brilliant minds and top leaders who share the values of the Top Tier Impact and 1MTN: combating climate change, sustainable future, innovation and creating meaningful impact.

The Co-Founder of 1MTN and the ambassador of TTI in East Africa, Anete Garoza, gave a thorough introduction and overview of the mission of Top Tier Impact and moderated the short panel discussion where representatives of different industries and fields shared their thoughts on the most burning topics, impact and innovation needed in Uganda.

The panellists:

Ron Kawamara – CEO of Africa Intrepid Ventures and Hugamara Group, Chairperson of E-Trade and Startup Associations of Uganda.

Henessi Schmidt – Founder of the Little Bridge Foundation.

Kristjan Raude – Co-Founder and CEO of 1MTN, impact entrepreneur and angel investor.

Top Tier Impact is a global community of impact investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all areas of impact technologies, climate, sustainability, and innovation. It covers all sectors and geographies.

Thank you Ron Kawamara, Timothy Mugume and all the team helping the fist Top Tier Impact to take place at The Villa.


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