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Creating Positive Social Impact in Uganda

1MT Nation team in Bugiri, Uganda
1MT Nation team in Bugiri, Uganda.

In a world facing numerous challenges, such as poverty, environmental degradation, and social inequality, the need for positive social impact has never been greater. Recognizing this urgency, Little Bridge Foundation and 1MT Nation have found similar values to create a sustainable system that aims to help people in need while implementing regenerative and nature-friendly solutions.

1MT Nation and Little Bridge Foundation share a common vision for a sustainable future and creating positive social impact. Both entities strongly believe in the adage of "not giving people a fish but teaching them how to fish," emphasizing the significance of empowering communities to become self-sustainable rather than providing short-term solutions.

At the core of our missions is the commitment to foster self-reliance and resilience within the communities they serve. By focusing on projects that enable access to clean water, sustainable energy, education, and infrastructure development, both organizations equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to thrive independently in the long run. Moreover, both 1MT Nation and Little Bridge Foundation share the belief that actions speak louder than words. Instead of merely voicing intentions, we take tangible steps to make a meaningful impact on the ground.

Together, we have spread a powerful message of the importance of meaningful impact. Recently, 1MT Nation and Little Bridge Foundation came together at the Top Tier Impact event in Kampala, where we united our voices to advocate for sustainable practices and social responsibility. During the event, we emphasized the need to create lasting change that goes beyond charity handouts and prioritizes empowering communities to build better futures for themselves.

In a symbolic act, we planted bamboo together, signifying our commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable solutions. Bamboo, known for its regenerative properties, serves as a powerful metaphor for the kind of impact they strive to create—a positive and lasting influence that continuously grows and flourishes.

Kristjan Raude, Co-Founder of 1MT Nation (1MTN) and Henessi Schmidt, Founder of Little Bridge Foundation planting bamboo in Bugiri, Uganda.
Kristjan Raude, Co-Founder of 1MT Nation (1MTN) and Henessi Schmidt, Founder of Little Bridge Foundation.

Little Bridge Foundation: A Sustainable Charity Organization

Little Bridge Foundation is a charity organization dedicated to creating a better future for communities in developing countries while also safeguarding the environment. Their primary objective is to improve living conditions and enhance the prospects of different communities in need while raising awareness about environmental issues and sustainable solutions.

In a remarkably short amount of time, Little Bridge Foundation has achieved significant changes in the Bugiri area, Uganda. Their commitment to positive social impact is evident through the implementation of various projects that address critical community needs. Projects such as fixing roads and building wells for clean drinking water have improved access to essential resources, enhancing the living conditions of the local population. The establishment of an orphanage has provided a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children, positively impacting their futures.

Henessi Schmidt in Bugiri, Uganda.

Through the support of education and payment of school fees, the foundation has made education accessible to more children, empowering them with knowledge and skills for a better future.

One of the distinguishing features of Little Bridge Foundation is its commitment to building strong connections and trustworthy relationships with the beneficiaries of their projects. By ensuring a direct link with the communities they serve, the foundation can guarantee that their donations are utilized as promised, resulting in a more significant and meaningful impact on the ground.

Furthermore, Little Bridge Foundation is open to collaboration with other organizations and individuals who share their vision for a more sustainable and compassionate world. They encourage like-minded entities to come forward with their knowledge, ideas, donations, and experiences to collectively work towards the common goal of creating a better world for all.

1MT Nation: Investing in a Sustainable Future

1MT Nation is committed to meaningful impact and investment in nature, people, and a sustainable future. A notable aspect of 1MT Nation's approach is the establishment of our own Foundation. This foundation receives a percentage of 1MT Nation's carbon credits revenue to support communities within or near their project boundaries, aiming to make these communities self-sustainable within a year. Through the foundation, 1MT Nation focuses on providing access to clean water, solar energy, primary education, and sustainable agricultural practices, along with ensuring crop and village security.

Villagers in Uganda. Photo by 1MT Nation.
Villagers in Uganda. Photo by 1MT Nation.

We have also adopted the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to address critical challenges within local communities, and directly contribute to 8 SDGs:

1. No Poverty (SDG 1): 1MT Nation actively addresses SDG 1 by implementing projects that lift communities out of poverty. By supporting self-sustainability initiatives through their Foundation, we empower underprivileged communities to access essential resources like clean water, solar energy, and sustainable agriculture. These efforts provide a pathway for economic growth and improved living conditions, effectively reducing poverty in these areas.

2. Gender Equality (SDG 5): In line with SDG 5, 1MT Nation champions gender equality by creating opportunities that empower women and girls within the communities they serve. Their support for primary education and sustainable agriculture practices ensures that women have equal access to education, employment and training, breaking down gender barriers and promoting women's empowerment.

3. Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8): 1MT Nation's dedication to sustainable business solutions directly aligns with SDG 8. By fostering economic growth through projects that provide job opportunities and support local industries, we contribute to creating decent work and economic advancement for individuals and communities.

4. Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10): 1MT Nation actively works towards reducing inequalities in the regions they operate.

5. Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11): With a strong commitment to building sustainable communities, 1MT Nation addresses SDG 11 by implementing projects that enhance infrastructure, access to education, and regenerative practices. By creating resilient and eco-friendly communities, they pave the way for a more sustainable and thriving future.

6. Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12): 1MT Nation's initiatives align with SDG 12 by promoting responsible consumption and production. Through our support for eco-friendly practices and sustainable business solutions, we actively contribute to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of our projects.

7. Climate Action (SDG 13): In tackling climate change and its impacts, 1MT Nation aligns with SDG 13. By emphasizing environmental conservation and sustainable practices, such as clean energy and regenerative solutions, we actively contribute to mitigating climate change and preserving the environment for future generations.

8. Life on Land (SDG 15): 1MT Nation's commitment to preserving terrestrial ecosystems directly supports SDG 15.

The collaboration between Little Bridge Foundation and 1MT Nation represents a significant step towards maximizing the positive impact. By combining expertise, resources, and shared vision, we can expand reach and tackle social and environmental issues with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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